NWC Championships 2019

Race Assignments: NWC Champ Race Assignments 2019

Course Map: NWC Championships Map-Updated 2019-10-20


Will be the same course as last year – WE NO LONGER CROSS THE ROAD.

Course Description:

Start: Runners start in the Discus/Hammer area and make three clockwise loops inside stadium. After running between long jump pits and shot put area at end of third loop, runners will veer left and exit the stadium out the back corner gate (behind where they started). After exiting the stadium, runners turn right and exit the cul-de-sac via the trail (watch out for the bollard!).

Outer Loop: Runners take the trail down to the middle softball field where they run across the small rolling grass hills and then (note difference from 2016 and earlier) MAKE A U-TURN AND HEAD DOWN HILL KEEPING THE SOFTBALL FIELD ON THEIR RIGHT SIDE. AS RUNNERS NEAR THE BOTTOM OF THE HILL THEY VEER RIGHT AND MAKE A NEAR U-TURN AROUND THE SOFTBALL HALL OF FAME AND PICNIC TABLES. Runners then follow the trail. At top of hill runners turn left and a few hundred meters later turn left through the small dip to come out behind the ice arena. Run across parking lot and back into stadium.

Middle Indie Loop: Runners enter the stadium and TURN RIGHT and reverse the interior loop they did at the start, this time running counter clockwise. Runners exit the stadium turn right and:


Finish: Runners enter the stadium and GO STRAIGHT and repeat the clockwise loop from the start. As runners round the the track past the scoreboard the will continue on the track (DO NOT EXIT PAST THE LONG JUMP PITS) and finish in front of the Visitor Stands.


Sehome Invite 2018

Course Map: SehomeInviteMap